Our story so far

Our story starts with a train line. In May 2015, God spoke to Paul Meathrel through a stranger about following a disused railway line and planting a church in the town where it led. At the time, Paul & Lottie lived a stone’s throw from the disused railway line in Chipping Norton. The line originally led to Cheltenham: this prophetic word started a journey to plant a new church there.

Fast forward to In June 2021, Paul & Lottie along with kids George and Saffy moved into Cheltenham with a vision to establish a new church for the town. They joined by a team of 9 adults plus children who were already living in the area or have moved to be part of the plant. We are exciting about establishing a new church which has mission at its heart.

2 thoughts on “Our story so far

  1. Viv Reply

    Would love to be kept informed

    1. cheltenham_admin Reply

      Thanks Viv, if you want to know more you can sign up to our mailing list or Contact us for more info.

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